All the tricks to keep your rental car ride from leaving you bitter. Get behind the wheel and take notice!

There is no easier way than traveling by road to familiarize yourself with a nation in detail.

Traveling in your vehicle allows you the opportunity to pause, finding corners that can only be entered through narrow back roads, anywhere and wherever you choose. See those remote beaches or those vegetation-devoured castle ruins.

However if you are trying to travel to a remote location, the usual thing is that you do so by rail, and so you have no alternative but to use public transport, pay a large price for private transfers, or hire a taxi. There you’re not going to get your vehicle.

Skyscanner makes things simple for you with its worldwide car rental search engine if you are going to hire a car to experience your ride to the fullest.

User criticism of car rental firms is common, however. To keep the journey as fun as practicable, we have built this guide for car rental tips at Skyscanner:

1. Pick the model of car that better serves your needs

We would all like to travel the roads of Pakistan driving a BMW sports convertible. However, if you go with the whole family or simply a tight budget, it may be better to look at another car type.

Mini, compact, inexpensive… 3-door, 5-door, with the manual transmission, with automatic transmission… In the Skyscanner car rental comparator, we offer you the possibility to choose the car model and category that best suits your needs.

Remember that choosing one car or another can mean a great saving in your travel budget.

4×4 on roads

2. There are more expensive collection points

Most car rental agencies have been around for a few years now to pay an additional fee for their ‘premium’ locations. These locations usually coincide with train stations and city airports.

This rate is usually included in the final price shown, but it is always advisable to check it.

Therefore, it is worth checking the rental price at an office in the city center and comparing it with the train station or airport.

3. Choose only the necessary extras

Several extras can inflate the final price of a car rental. The most common is GPS; the need to register an additional driver or hire child seats.

If you have small children, some rental companies let you bring your child’s seat. The same happens with GPS or navigator, which is already implemented in all mobile phones.

Finally, if you are not going on a very long trip, you may not need to include an additional driver in the contract.

4. Take advantage of the free cancellation option

The choice is provided by several car rental companies canceling the booking free of charge up to 24-48 hours before the pick-up time of the vehicle.This is an advantage that you can use to your advantage.

If you have more or less clear the dates of your trip well in advance, rent the car regardless of whether the pick-up date is months later. The normal thing is that you get a much better price when you reserve the vehicle (especially if you are thinking of traveling in summer, Easter, Christmas, or long weekends). Later, if any contingency occurs and you cannot make the trip, you can always cancel the reservation at no cost.

5. Use a good car rental comparator, like Skyscanner

Using a car rental comparator, like the one from Skyscanner, will save you both time and money.

On the one hand, with a single click, you will have access to a specific city or region’s entire rental car offer. This will help you to compare the attributes and features prices of the different companies without visiting the pages of each one of them.

On the other hand, when handling so many reservations, the price you will find in our search engine will be better than the one offered if you search directly on the final car rental company page.

6. If you are going to do a big ‘road trip’, choose a car with unlimited mileage

One of the things you have to consider when choosing your rental car is whether it offers unlimited mileage.

You may not care if you rent the car for a short trip, but if you are going to do a great road trip in the area, it is vital. Rental companies that do not offer unlimited mileage usually charge a high amount for each kilometer that exceeds the contracted limit.

7. Choose the full fuel policy – full

Delivering the same volume of gasoline to the vehicle it had when you picked it up is the best deal you can find when renting a vehicle.

Be wary of rental car companies that offer ridiculous prices in exchange for accepting a pre-paid or full – empty fuel policy.

Supposedly, in those cases, when you deliver the car, they give you back the amount of gasoline that you left in the tank (not all of them stipulate this in the contract), but they do not always do so. The initial gasoline tank is usually charged at a higher price than the market price and adds an abusive refueling fee.

8. Make sure the driver is over 25 years old

Although most car rental companies will allow you to drive one of their vehicles If you’re above the age of 21 (and have a minimum driving license of 1 or 2 years), it is also true that they will charge you an extra amount if you have less than 25 years.

Drivers under the age of 25 seem to be considered a danger behind the wheel and are usually charged between $ 5 and $ 30 extra for each rental day.

If you are going to travel in a group, it is advisable that the person who has already turned 25 years old drive.

Carlay will be the best to rent a car in Islamabad if you want to travel and visit Pakistan.

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